Hello, Parents!

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Each Sunday morning during the first worship service named "Unplugged",   all children 4th Grade and younger should be signed in by a parent or guardian at "Servant Central" the counter at the rear (north west corner) of the Sanctuary from 8:53am-9:25pm.    

At approximately 9:25am, the Worship Leader(s)  will invite the Sunday School Teachers & Students to come up to the front of the sanctuary to have a prayer said over them, or to enjoy a brief  "junior sermon" or message of some kind.   The ushers are then invited forward also, and some scripture is read, or a simply prayer is delivered.    The Sunday School Teachers then escort the children downstairs to Fellowship Hall where the classes are divided according to age.

You and your children are welcome at any point to come and join, or observe and decide if you'd like to join the good times. 

Our main program is coordinated by Emilie and Matthew Olds, and includes a blessed and gifted group of weekly volunteers to help support small groups of age appropriated children. 

This core volunteer staff help to organize, prepare and set up lessons and activities each week. 
Trained adult volunteers commit to overseeing small groups of children in designated aged specific classrooms.

The well-designed and code-inspected classrooms of our Monday through Friday scheduled  "Tender Care Nursery School" are where the Bible lessons are presented. 

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Designed to nurture the spiritual understanding of our pre-school and very young elementary-aged children. This takes place in Classroom #3, to the extreme east of the church building, also appropriately enough held within the Pre-K 3 classroom of our Tender Care Nursery School.


Beth Gannon & Jill Devlin
Special care and foundational attention introduces this age group to Sunday morning “fellowship” with their peers in the church Nursery, located to the rear of the sanctuary, on the southwest corner next to the Chapel.

3rd & 4th Grade

Nadine Kuster & Nadia DeRocco
This takes place in Tender Care Nursery School: Classroom #6.

1st & 2nd Grade

Designed to encourage the spiritual growth of our younger elementary-aged children. This takes place in Classroom #4: our Tender Care Nursery Pre-K 4 classroom, adequately designed for this age demographic. 

7th & 8th Grade

Joshua Griffin Burns and Lina Anderson
Students are encouraged to move beyond a simple Biblical foundation enabling them to better understand the Bible and their faith and personal relationship with Christ. Along with the weekly classes, students are encouraged to attend worship services and participate in service projects within our church and community.

5th & 6th Grade

Donald & Rosa Warnet or Barbara & Ron Carlucci
This developmental time of Sunday School is an important step toward personalizing their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. Throughout the school-year, students journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation connecting the genealogy path from Adam and Eve to Jesus. 

Children of all ages are welcomed by the friendly faces of staff ministry leaders, adult volunteers and teenage interns to join us in building friendships, enjoying fellowship, singing praise and discovering Bible truths.