What is a Small Group?

A small group is any group of people who gather to know, worship, grow, serve or connect.  While some groups may focus more on one of these purposes all five must have some level of emphasis.


Why Are Small Groups Important?


  1. Small groups foster close relationships and integral community.

  2. Small groups provide a comfortable introduction for nonbelievers to the Christian faith.

  3. Small groups provide an ideal way to care for the needs of people within the church.

  4. Small groups provide a way for Christians to live out their faith instead of merely hearing more preaching or teaching.

  5. Small groups participate in focused prayer for one another.

  6. Small groups provide a comfortable atmosphere for openness.

  7. Small groups allow for mutual edification among believers.

  8. Small groups encourage better learning.

  9. Small groups provide a source of encouragement and accountability.

  10. Small groups help to cultivate leadership within the church.


One of the dreams of our church is to have 200 small groups within our church providing support, encouragement and acceptability to one another as they seek to grow in Christ-likeness.  These groups will be led by people who are loving shepherds of people, growing in Christ-like character, trained in small group dynamics and grounded in the basic beliefs of our faith.

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