We dream of 3,000 members who have committed themselves to Christ and each other having a daily time with God in the Bible study and prayer, giving a weekly tithe to God, and participating in a weekly team (small group) for God.


Small Groups

We dream of a network of 200 small groups within our church providing support, encouragement and acceptability to our members as they seek to grow in Christ-likeness. These groups will be led by Lay People who are loving shepherds of people, growing in Christ-like Character, trained in small group dynamics and grounded in the basic beliefs of our faith.


Discipleship / Maturity

We dream of developing people to spiritually maturity through Bible studies, topical seminars, skill development classes every night and day of the week, retreats, and classes in Christian Education for all ages. It would be a place for building up believers and producing doers of the Word.



We dream of Worship Services that involve 3000 adults, children, and youth in edifying worship and study of God’s Word.


Service / Ministry

We dream of having every believer and member of St. Paul’s equipped to discover the gifts and talents God gave them and to use these gifts to serve others.


Calling / Mission / Leadership

We dream of sending out 20 career missionaries, pastors, and church workers, all around the world and empowering every member for personal life mission, both locally and in the world.”

We dream of sending out our members by the hundreds on short-term mission projects to every continent to establish long-term relationships.



We dream of beautiful, efficient, and accessible facilities, including counseling and prayer center, rooms for Bible studies and training lay ministers and various recreation ministries.



Finally and most significantly ... we dream of people who are becoming Christ-like. We see you living a life based upon:

  • A new values system: A value system that is being driven by the habits of spiritual maturity. CORE VALUES

  • A new belief system: A Christian World View - BASIC / ESSENTIAL BELIEFS

  • A new lifestyle: Change and exciting growth that touches every area of your life - personal, family, work, goals, future, EVERY area of life.

  • A new relationship: A deep sense and lasting relationship with the Lord that is personal and intimate and joyous.


The goal of this vision is to bring glory to God by presenting Jesus Christ with as many Christ-like disciples as we possibly can before He returns, that Christ’s redemptive purposes might be fulfilled in our world.