Sermon & Songs: November 29, 2015


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9 AM Service

George Scholes Robson 4
would like to thank the following gifted musicians for joining him in "God'Square Mile" and leading worship this week...

Alan "Bambino" Brown: Electric Guitar[Epiphone-Dot] & Vox

Mike "Mello" Boniello:
Acoustic Guitar [Martin] & Vox

David "the Classic" Scholes Robson: Bass[Ibanez] & Vox

Christopher "MACe" McEwan: Drums

"PopSentry": Kurzweil Keys & Vox

Whitney "the Wit" Kelly: Vox

Lee "BentLee" Wanaselja:
12-String Acoustic [Guild] & Banjo & Vox

Grace Badger: Violin

David "eSquire" Shotwell Jr: Trumpet

Pastor John "Rev" DiGiamberardino: Flugelhorn

10:45 AM Service