Homemade Raviolis

Actual raviolis may vary.

Actual raviolis may vary.

Our Kitchen Elves are busy preparing Homemade Raviolis and sauce to kick off St. Paul’s matching fund Ministry Program!  Let us help with your busy Christmas schedule by having a dinner already prepared!  

Raviolis will be on sale each Sunday until Christmas starting on December 10th.  Pick up and payment is after the 9:00 a.m. service in the Kitchen.  

Varieties include:

  • Plain Cheese
  • Cheese w/Spinach & Basil
  • Meat filled
  • Pumpkin-Squash

They are sold by the dozen w/sauce included (no mixing please) for $10.00.  Thank you in advance for making this effort a success!  

Any questions or large orders please email jan.holderness@icloud.com.