Clean Water for Haiti

Dayspring's most far-reaching and life-giving project is the mission to provide clean water to all of our 2,400 Light & Peace families in the mountain villages and small towns in Haiti.

This goal can be achieved by providing Sawyer water filters that can each supply a family with clean water indefinitely. Filtration through a Sawyer filter eliminates threats from harmful E. coli, typhoid and cholera bacteria, protozoa, and parasites like giardia.

The filters can be attached to any bucket or bag.  They offer an extremely fast flow rate that allows families to filter water in their own homes as needed.  

Will you share your concern for children who suffer daily from diarrhea and vomiting because they don't have safe drinking water?

Each Sawyer PointONE Water Filter, with bucket and shipping included, is only $41.50.

And BIG NEWS: Sawyer will match every donation, one for one!

Bottom Line: For $41.50, TWO families can have clean water for a lifetime.

Checks may be made payable to SPUMC with "Haiti-Water" in the Memo Line.