Women's Bible Study: Victory in Spiritual Warfare

Victory in Spiritual Warfare: 

Outfitting Yourself for the Battle

By Tony Evans
Mondays 2 PM
Beginning March 6th

For more information contact Mary Winkler 732-673-2422

Why Do Christians Struggle So Much?

With passion & clarity, Dr. Tony Evans demystifies spiritual warfare so you’ll be able to prevail over your challenges and obstacles with the power & with the authority God has given you as a believer. You’ll learn to 

  • understand how the battle is fought by Satan
  • actively use the armor of God
  • find strength in prayer and sufficiency in Christ
  • win over chemical, sexual, emotional, relational, & other strongholds.

Your struggle may appear to be on the physical level, but in reality, it’s a spiritual battle. As Dr. Evans says. . . 

“Whatever has gone on, is going on, or will go on in your visible, physical world is rooted in the invisible, spiritual realm. If you do not know how to navigate in the spiritual realm, you cannot hope to truly overcome in the physical realm.”