Haiti: An Update

Haiti Update.jpg

by Megan Faulkner

Your calls, texts, emails, questions, and support have been unwavering in the wake of devastation from Hurricane Matthew as it ransacked our beloved Haiti. Not an hour goes by where someone isn't reaching out, and I'm usually brought to tears as a result. We'd like to take a minute to share with you our story, our hearts, our news, and our needs. Please feel free to share this information as you wish.

Dayspring has been working in Haiti for almost 20 years. We were there before the earthquake in 2010 and on the ground with a medical clinic 10 days after. Thanks to our many faithful donors, we were able to provide food and water to four of the local tent cities for many weeks. We were also able to receive over 20 displaced children into My Father's House Orphanage that already housed about 30 children at that time.

Since then, we've continued to care for 55 children at the orphanage and to supply 40+ widows with food each week. We've built, and continue to support, many church/schools, with some schools receiving a hot lunch each day.

Many of the 50 Light & Peace Missions have been completely washed away and that several of the people have died in the floods. Because many of the homes in the mountains are constructed from scraps of wood, tin and tarps, they were no match for the winds of Hurricane Matthew. The mountains have many terraced farms, and these too have washed away, along with their animals, leaving the families without homes, crops or livestock.

The few hospitals in Haiti are filled with patients who were brought in by stretcher, some from many miles away. Already the death toll has climbed past 1,000 people. Locals told news reporters that a river had washed cadavers down from villages upstream. Residents along the river used pieces of driftwood to push the unclaimed bodies down the river and into the sea where they continued to be washed up ashore.

Many organizations are asking for donations for humanitarian relief, but sometimes very little relief actually gets there. Dayspring is able to send 99% of every donation directly to Haiti, because Dayspring has no paid employees in the U.S. Also, Dayspring doesn't have just one person in charge in Haiti, we have a committee of men and women who decide which need is greatest and how the money is distributed. I have 100% trust and confidence in Pastor Ronald and the Dayspring Committee.

One of the biggest concerns right now is cholera and other waterborne diseases. Dayspring's solution to that problem is Sawyer Water Filters. Sawyer water filters remove 99.99999% of all bacteria, including cholera. Our mission teams have been bringing these small micron filters to Haiti for several years now, so many of our church families have them and will be able to avoid the possibility of cholera in their drinking water.

For each $25 filter we purchase, Sawyer will donate two more free for non-profit organizations. That's 3 filters for $25. Many filters are needed, however, to provide safe drinking water to all the families of the 50 Light & Peace Missions.

Thank you to all who are concerned about our friends at the Light & Peace Missions in Haiti. Please continue to pray for our Haitian family.

Donations to Dayspring can be made by PayPal through our website at www.DayspringMinistriesHaiti.org or by check to Dayspring Ministries Haiti - 238 Lakeside Avenue - Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849