Message from the Bishop to Laity about Convocation

Dear Laity of GNJ,

Jesus said, let your light shine. Yesterday I shared with you about an event that will be a bright light in our conference, the Bishop's Convocation for clergy and senior local church program staff. It will be a time for clergy to experience the light of Christ. This year we are focusing convocation on assisting clergy with coaching skills that clergy can use with lay leadership to strengthen the ministry of the congregation. It will be an opportunity for clergy to retool, relax and renew.

My invitation was sent to all leaders in the conference, but did not make clear that this is a time for clergy to join in fellowship. We widely share information about convocation in emails, in the Digest and in the Relay because it is important for everyone in Greater New Jersey to know how we are supporting our clergy. It is also important to encourage laity to support clergy members so that they can attend. I know some congregations gift this event to their pastors as a way to show appreciation for their work throughout the year and to show support for their continued growth. I encourage your congregation to provide financial support as needed to help your pastor attend.

I ask you to encourage your pastor to the attend the convocation. I believe they will find it valuable to their life and to the life of the congregation. 
Keep the faith!

John Schol, Bishop
United Methodist Church
Greater New Jersey