Message about Dr. Salia

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
When people hurt, United Methodists help. I have been using this phrase because as a life-long United Methodist I have witnessed it over and over again. The full impact never fully registered for me until I heard the story of Dr. Martin Salia, a United Methodist and the chief medical officer and surgeon at Kissy United Methodist Hospital in one of the poorest sections of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Dr. Salia contracted Ebola and died this Monday morning after being flown to the United States for treatment at a hospital in Nebraska.

"I strongly believe that God brought me here to fix whatever comes to my doorway," 
- Dr. Martin Salia

When people hurt, United Methodists help.
I invite you to pray for Dr. Salia’s family and to pray for all who are serving in the affected West African nations. These are troubling times and I am grateful for United Methodists who are serving around the world treating people with Ebola, HIV AIDS, malaria or any other disease. Jesus was a healer and Dr. Salia and other United Methodists serving in hospitals and communities have been the body of Christ to those who need Christ the most.

The United Methodist Great Plains Conference is raising funds to help the family with travel and medical expenses.
Click here for the Great Plains giving link.

Together let us continue to be a witness in our communities that when people hurt, United Methodists help.
Keep the faith!

John Schol, Bishop
The United Methodist Church
Greater New Jersey