Covered Dish Supper

All Invited! Ocean Grove Covered Dish Supper with Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church of Asbury Park  Friday, October 16, 2015 5:30 to 9 pm

St. Paul's United Methodist Church 80 Embury Avenue, Ocean Grove

Come to experience great food, drumming, choirs, poetry, new friends and new stories. No reservations.  Bring a friend, food to share, and a donation of cash or check to "Allen Project, Inc." for the restoration of the A.M.E. former parsonage. This is a housing initiative to create a safe space for those who are suddenly homeless, due to fire, flood, foreclosure, illness or similar unforeseen circumstances.        

Come experience new friends and new ideas for ecumenical opportunities  across old boundaries!

Questions to Deaconess Helen McCahill