The Endowment Fund is a financial asset of St. Paul’s that has been earmarked by Church Leadership for a specific purpose, and with specific investment guidelines meant to conservatively maintain and grow the value of the Fund for current and future use.  The Fund is meant to be a permanent investment – where income earned on the Fund is used to further the Fund’s purpose, and the principal of the investment is kept intact to provide for future generations of our Church family.

The Endowment Fund is specifically earmarked to support and maintain the Church’s physical, or capital, needs.  While many of us recognize the need for gifts to support our missions and ministries, the actual upkeep of our Church property is an ever increasing expense.  By contributing to the Endowment Fund, you can help ensure that gifts intended to support our other ministries can continue to be allocated to these ministries as anticipated, and can help ensure that our actual Church physical structure is maintained, preserved, or even improved for future generations.

Establishing and maintaining an Endowment Fund is crucial for the continued success of our Church.  By strengthening our Endowment Fund, we can help our Church build a solid foundation for future needs and better plan for both anticipated and unanticipated maintenance and repairs.  It can help protect our Church during periods of economic downturn, and insulate our Church from market corrections.  By solidifying our Church’s infrastructure, we are better prepared for expanding our ministries and missions to those in need in our communities and around the world.