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Steve and Gail Quigg are career missionaries with Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. After 36 years of aviation-related ministry, they are now serving as the Mission Advocates (MAs) for the North-Central Jurisdiction focusing on mission personnel.

Steve previously served as the Aviation Coordinator for the United Methodist Aviation Ministries. His twenty years of work as a missionary pilot in Africa provided him with the technical and logistical expertise needed to provide practical support for the United Methodist aviation programs operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Concurrently, Steve was also on assignment to Mission Safety International (MSI), a safety and security outreach to mission and church aviation programs around the world.

Gail was most recently part of the leadership team for Change of Pace, a Bible Study ministry providing over 100 women with weekly in-depth Bible studies. She also traveled the world with MSI sharing her perspective as a bush pilot’s wife. Her experience gave her the ability to help pilot and mechanic’s wives deal with the family and ministry issues they faced on a daily basis.

The Quiggs began their missionary career in 1979 in the small village of Bambur, Nigeria, where they worked with Air Muri- the aviation service of the Nigerian UMC. Gail and Steve are the parents of two grown daughters, Heather and Kathy, both of whom were born in Nigeria.

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