Pavilion Praise on the Boardwalk

Memorial Weekend-end of september

9 AM Sunday Mornings

Join us at the Ocean Grove Boardwalk Pavilion for the summer as we relocate Lighthouse: Songs & Currents out into God's beautiful creation. Come early for a seat inside, or bring a chair and find a spot outside. Bring a friend and grow closer to Jesus with us. We seek to speak and sing the "heart language" of the present and future generations while lifting up praise in true and sincere worship of Jesus Christ.

Instruments and forms from all over the globe, from bagpipes and steel drums and electric guitar, all are used to the glory of God. From hymns and chants to popular praise songs and R&B gospel, we employ and enjoy all musical styles as God-given and meant to be reclaimed by the Master Composer. Free-form and Spirit-led while respectful of liturgy and order of worship, we purpose to breathe new life into old traditions and fill new traditions with substance and meaning.